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Environmental Education

Hands-On Environmental Education: Experience the Power of Green Goodness

The Green Ambassador offers a wide range of hands-on environmental education programs targeting the youth, unemployed and senior citizens, as well as corporates. Each environmental program is specially tailored to meet the needs of the target audience, and focuses on improving the environment while at the same time enriching lives.


Gardening is Good Medicine

Gardening is Good Medicine is an assisted living, long-term care and limited mobility therapeutic and preventative environmental education program that lowers the risk of dementia, blood sugar, Alzheimer’s decease, anxiety, and stroke. The program incorporates hands-on sensory garden planting exercises that are tailored to simulate all five senses gently and holistically, promoting memory and cognition recovery, visual simulation, relaxation, and social connection, naturally.

The Gardening is Good Medicine programming has the added benefit of providing sustainable ecological balance at the center, promoting biodiversity of plant, insect, and bird life, and improving the landscape while producing organic crops that can be harvested and shared within the local community.


                             Senior Indoor Sensory Gardening Workshop Series

What is Senior Sensory Gardening?

Senior Sensory Gardening is a gardening workshop that is designed with the purpose of stimulating all five senses. For seniors with dementia and other disabilities sensory gardening is a therapeutic space where their senses are awakened through sight, sound, taste, touch, and smell.


Sensory Gardening Hands-On/Lecture Workshops:

  • Designing Pots and Planters for Sensory Stations within the Garden
  • Plant Selection and Making Plant Name Tags
  • Planting of Herbs and Flowers
  • Maintenance and Care Plants
  • Harvesting Taste Sensory Station (part of Homemade Product Series)

Sensory Garden Package will include:

  • Maintenance and Plant Care Plan
  • Plant Beneficial Descriptions
  • Personalized Sensory Garden Online/Printable Newsletter
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