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Hands-On Environmental Education: Experience the Power of Green Goodness

The Green Ambassador offers a wide range of hands-on environmental education programs targeting the youth, unemployed and senior citizens, as well as corporates. Each environmental program is specially tailored to meet the needs of the target audience, and focuses on improving the environment while at the same time enriching lives.



The Green Ambassador, an award-winning environmentalist, has industry-insider’s knowledge of thousands of Green Dollars that are available to help you Green-UP your home purchase. Let the Green Ambassador show you how to take advantage of eco-funding, tax credits, grants, rebates and special incentives to help create ecological balance when buying a home, while still maintaining financial stability.




Are you itching to get your green fingers to work in your home garden, your business or in open communal spaces, but not sure where to start? Have you ever contemplated starting your own green business but need some guidance? The Green Ambassador can provide you with the knowledge and help you need to get started along the green path.

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